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1/12/2019 - liquid

Ok, so. Opinion on this blog.

This blog is kinda good, it's a stable 6/10 for now because it doesn't have things such as commenting on blog posts to give your opinion on a topic, captcha to create comments (there can't be bots botting comments). [test](

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23/11/2019 - IOnic

Ready Player One.

#### Preface When I first watched Ready Player One (When it was in cinemas). Me and my friend Ashley was in awe, visualising this amazing world of a virtual place where you could do everything. The perfect videogame, not only that but Ready Player One was released right when I was becoming more and ...

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27/10/2019 - IOnic

So, I created a blog.

I'm not an massive social person by any means, but as I kept making new projects and learning new things about the languages and frameworks I used I kept wanting a place to boast about learning them. That may sound like a biggot mentality of thinking but I essentially wanted a way to showoff what I ...

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